Wise and Easy Ways to Wellbeing – a book about how we function

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Many people do not know their body as they would know a friend, that is, as someone they listen to and understand.

This is a book that provides its readers with tools, by giving an understanding of how the different parts of body and mind work together to form their experience of life. It combines scientific facts, knowledge and wisdom from a wide variety of fields and provides tips on effective wise everyday habits that doesn´t require a lot of time to do, but can make life even nicer, easier, smoother and brighter in many ways.

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It is divided in to five main parts about life;

  • Being Proactive as a Lifestyle – about all the parts of you that are aware of what needs to be done and then doing it instead of procrastinating in order to avoid making necessary changes.
  • Know Your Surroundings – about all the parts of you that explore your environments, obtaining clarity about what you want to include in your life and what you don´t, and that calibrate your inside to your surroundings.
  • To Safely Digest Life – about all the parts of you that learn from experiences, gain wisdom and sustenance from everything you do and everything you eat or drink.
  • To Let Go at the Right Time – about all the parts of you that create space in life by letting go of that which no longer brings you joy and dare to dream big.
  • Exuberance – about all the parts of you that let the joy and wonder of living flow through everything you do.

I have chosen to make short chapters focused on how different parts work, who they collaborate with and how you can notice it in your life through what kind of thoughts that often appear and in how you take care of your surroundings and yourself. It’s an easy to read book, which I think can work well from about 12 years old and for everyone who is older than that.

  • Concepts That May Be New to You – Thought Provoking?, Chakras, Evolving Chakras, Meridians, The Five Elements, Ayurveda
  • Let Your Environment Help – To Create a Sanctuary at Home, Things Affect You, Let the Light Flow, Alive and Mobile
  • You and Others – Extrovert, Introvert, Ambivert
  • Creating Energy and Keeping Warm – Necessities, Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle and Electron Transport Chain
  • Being Proactive as a Lifestyle – Create the Conditions, Responsibility, The Next Step in Life, The Next Generation, Planning and Organization, Leadership, What the Liver and Gallbladder do Physically, Love Gets Help from Anger, Anger Moves and Makes Things Happen
  • Know Your Surroundings – Experience Your Surroundings, Acceptance, Flexibility, The Fire Element, Sadness is Helping Joy, Harmony, Heart, Gratitude, Ease Your Heart, Nourishment from Food, The Enteric Nervous System – the Intestinal Brain, Nourishment from Experiences, Balancing Circadian Rhytms, Sunrise and Sunset
  • To Safely Digest Life – Rest and Digest, Informed Decisions, Digest or Opt-out, Clear-headed Processes, Production and Recycling by Your Spleen, Worry Will Help in Finding Presence, Worry
  • To Let Go at the Right Time – Everything Has Its Time – then that time is over, When Everything is Working Fine, Practice Letting Go, Satisfaction Can be a Result of Grief Well Done, Breathing, More Life in Life, Lymph, The Art of Getting Done and Moving On, Colon, Relationship Clearing, Letting Go too Fast
  • Exuberance – The Water Element, Fear Helps You Find Security and Trust, More Willpower, The Will and Energy to Live, Kidneys, Bladder, Water Has Different Names
  • Wise Everyday Habits – Eat and Drink, Everyday Exercise, Morning Routine, Daytime Routine, Evening Routine, Once a Week, Once a Month, Twice a Year

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